World Health Organization



From its origins as the first UN specialized committee, established in 1948 with a somewhat lacking annual budget of $5 million, the WHO has in the last decades spearheaded the improvement of public health. Initially focused with the global issues of its time, namely malaria and tuberculosis, the WHO has since broadened its scope, continuing to fight for the belief that health is a fundamental right for all humans. From promoting road safety to combating Ebola, the full extent of WHO action can be summed up in its six leadership priorities: advancing universal health coverage, achieving health-related development goals, addressing the challenge of noncommunicable diseases, ensuring ample response to public health threats, increasing access to medical products, and preventing environmental determinants of health. Complicated though they may sound, the WHO has directly contributed to the near-eradication of polio and smallpox along with the combating of measles, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, and malaria. Now with an annual budget of more than $4.5 billion, the WHO is unique because it has only one agenda – fighting for our shared right to life. The WHO now has 193 members and since its creation, it has worked hard to address world issues which is exactly what we are excited to do with all our delegates.


Position papers are mandatory for WHO and are due on March 14, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Any inquiries about this committee may be directed to the dais at [email protected].


Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein


Annalisa attends the International Community School in Kirkland as a sleep-deprived sophomore and is ecstatic to be serving as the Director for BELLEVUEMUN’s WHO. During her three years of MUN, beginning in eighth grade with KINGMUN 2016, she has enjoyed her time as a delegate and served as the Assistant Director of DISEC and the US Senate as well as the Chair for the UNEP. One of her favorite things about MUN besides FUNMUN is the debate in and out of committee as well as the bonding between fellow delegates and conference attendees. Only problem is that she can only remember them by country name. Annalisa can't wait to meet you all at BELLEVUEMUN right after she finishes binge watching a certain show on Netflix, a project for FBLA, her duties as PR Officer of ASB, or most importantly, making bad puns.


Michael Li


Michael Li is a sophomore at Interlake High School. Having attended PACMUN twice as a delegate, BELMUN will be his first staffing experience. Having participated more in the activity recently, Michael has a newfound enthusiasm about the various essential skills derived from MUN (though this has interestingly came only after he has won awards). Though irrelevant, Michael, outside of MUN, likes to sing, dance, pretend, and play the kazoo, along with a variety of sports and other activities. While disappointed he could not participate as a delegate, Michael is extremely excited to serve as chair of the WHO dais, hoping to create both a comfortable and educational environment for all delegates!


Jinho Kwak

Assistant Director

Jinho Kwak is proud to help put BELLEVUEMUN together this year. He hopes this conference will be exceptional and last for the years to come. Other than MUN, Jinho participates in debate and robotics. He is currently reading Between Debt and the Devil by Adair Turner.