United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime



The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) was established in 1997 and consists of 40 member states. The UNODC assists its member states in combating illicit drugs, crime and terrorism.

The UNODC provides this aid to the international community through field-based technical cooperation projects, research and analytical work to increase knowledge on drugs and crime issues and expand the evidence for operational decisions, and through normative work to assist States in implementation of legislation. This committees most important achievements are its work in research on crime and drugs and their work on providing national legislation for all member states.


Position papers are mandatory for UNODC and are due on March 14, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Any inquiries about this committee may be directed to the dais at [email protected].

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Evan Kim


Evan is very excited to be the Director of UNODC for BELLEVUEMUN 2018! This will be his first experience as Director. Evan fell in love with MUN after his first conference at PACMUN 2017. He was captivated by the open environment for discussion about global topics and the opportunity to reach resolutions with new people. When not in MUN, Evan participates in Public Forum Debate and plays Tennis. Evan looks forward to a great BELLEVUEMUN experience for everyone.

Ronald Wang


Ronald Wang is positively thrilled to be working with you for BELLEVUEMUN 2018, and is absolutely over-joyed to be on the dais for this committee. He simply cannot wait for the good times to begin, *thumbs up*, and urges you to contact him should you have any questions. When not indulging in the simply endless delights of Model UN, Ronald enjoys drinking soup and taking long showers. He recommends French Onion Soup and does not sing while taking those showers. Once again, he would like to iterate his absolute enthusiasm to be working together with everyone for BELLEVUEMUN 2018

Anthony Xie

Assistant Director

Anthony is ecstatic to be a BELLEVUEMUN staff member this year. He fell in love with MUN after his first conference at PACMUN 2017. He was captivated by how fun and educational his experience was, as well as the open environment for discussion of important global topics. When not at a MUN conference, Anthony enjoys playing the flute and being unproductive. Anthony looks forward to making BELLEVUEMUN 2018 an enjoyable experience for all.