International Court of Justice



The International Court of Justice was established in 1945 under the Charter of the United Nations as a continuation of the Permanent Court of International Justice from the League of Nations and ever since that day it has acted as the primary judicial body of the UN. Over its 72 year tenure, the ICJ has established precedent on countless international disputes. The ICJ is responsible for upholding international law and guiding the international community’s actions, it is the primary judiciary The committee is unique in that it depends on the delegates themselves to decide the meaning and applications of the law. The dais of ICJ looks forward to meeting the delegates and working with them!


Position papers are mandatory for ICJ and are due on March 14, 2018 at 11:59 PM. You can download the position paper format along with your Background Guide, which will be released on February 01. Any inquiries about this committee may be directed to the dais at [email protected].


Alice Chang


Alice is a current high school senior at Forest Ridge and the head delegate of its MUN delegation. Her first conference, KINGMUN 2016, inspired her to move forward in her MUN journey, as well as strive continually to improve her research skills and understanding of global events. Alice is thrilled to be part of the staff of BELLEVUEMUN 2018 and looks forward to bringing her enthusiasm and experiences to the conference.


Olivia Boysen


Olivia Boysen is a freshman at Interlake High School. She has previously attended EDUMUN and PACMUN 2017. BELLEVUEMUN will be her first staffing experience. Olivia is excited to be a part of the dais for the International Court of Justice and looks forward to bringing the MUN experience to the delegates of BELLEVUEMUN 2018. Outside of MUN, Olivia enjoys playing volleyball and she currently is a part of Interlake's Amnesty International club. She looks forward to meeting the delegates and working with them.


Simran Tandon

Assistant Director

Simran is a sophomore at Eastlake High School. She participated in her first conference in 8th grade, where she discovered how much she loved MUN. She has attended numerous other conferences since then, and hopes to attend many more in the years to come. Simran’s favorite part of MUN is that it allows complete strangers to come together to solve world problems together. She has used the skills MUN taught her to host multiple school events and take up leadership roles in clubs and other groups. Outside of MUN, Simran enjoys playing the cello, swimming, practicing martial arts, and spending time with her friends. She is excited to what solutions the new delegates come up with and is geniuinely looking forward to meeting them.