Future Crisis Committee



The United Nations Interplanetary Security Council (UNISC) was chartered by clause 15 of the Treaty of Chandrasekhar, signed aboard the EIF Chandrasekhar, a research vessel of the Earth Interplanetary Fleet. It is a joint operation of the leadership of the Earth United Nations (EUN) and the Mars Democratic Union (MDU), and serves to “establish a temporary union between humanity in recognition of, and in preparation for, existential threats that render intra-species struggles meaningless.”

Under the charter, its directives are binding, and decisions are made by a committee of leaders of both the EUN and the MDU. Furthermore, it assumes temporary control of both the MDU and the EUN militaries, whose fleet admirals and Security force Generals assume a permanent seat on the council. Economic and political control is also delegated to the committee as former company executives from the EUN and MDU are permanent council members as well. The committee is advised by a Speaker for the EUN Senate and MDU Senate respectively.

The UNISC is, ultimately, the most powerful organization in human history, and rightfully so. It will deal with issues the likes of which humanity has never dealt with before. When the literal fate of humanity is at stake, will humans be able to put aside their differences?


There are no position papers for FCC. Any inquiries about this committee may be directed to the dais at [email protected].

AndrewWang (1)

Andrew Wang


Andrew is a sophomore at Interlake High School, and he is pretty stoked to direct the FCC at BellevueMUN 2018. He has been to seven conferences, and this is his second time serving on the Dais. He joined MUN in freshman year and never regretted that choice because of a growing admiration for the realistic problem solving process delegates applied in committee. Besides MUN, Andrew enjoys playing piano. Andrew looks forward to working with all attendees to make BellevueMUN unforgettable!


Rishi Soni


Rishi is a currently a senior in the IB program at Interlake High School. He has been involved with Model United Nations for the past year and a half, and BellevueMUN will be his 6th conference overall. He is also involved with the school's robotics team, and serves as its Secretary of Engineering. He hopes that the delegates expand their MUN experience with this unique and engaging committee, and enjoy participating in it as much as he has enjoyed preparing this experience for them.


Katelyn Ng

Assistant Director

Katelyn Ng is a junior at Newport High School of Bellevue and is thrilled to be a part of BELLEVUEMUN 2018. Her first conference was PACMUN 2017, where she discovered her passion for debate and international affairs after finding herself in a heated ethics debate with several other members in her committee. Since then, she has committed herself to finding more ways to participate in MUN conferences and convincing more friends to join. When she is not doing MUN related activities, Katelyn can be found volunteering in the community as a member of Bellevue Youth Link, going on runs in the wilderness, and baking with random Tastemade recipes. She is honored to serve as the assistant director of the Future Crisis Committee and looks forward to making BELLEVUEMUN 2018 the best experience possible for everyone involved!


Hannah Wilcox

Crisis Director

Hannah is excited to attend BELLEVUEMUN 2018 as the crisis director of the Future Crisis Committee. As her second time staffing, Hannah is positive that BELLEVUEMUN will be her favorite conference yet. Since her first conference in 2016, Hannah has fallen in love with MUN, as it has allowed her to enhance her public speaking skills and make many new friends. Hannah has attended 5 conferences since beginning MUN, and of these has staffed and been on the secretariat teams of BELMUN 2017 and BELMUN 2018. She also won the award of Outstanding Delegate at PACMUN 2017 in the Joint Crisis Committee. Outside of MUN, you can find Hannah building a robot in robotics, procrastinating on her IB homework, swimming, participating in Animal Welfare, volunteering at the library, camps, and blood center, and hanging out with friends. Hannah is ecstatic to welcome everyone to BELLEVUEMUN 2018!