Economic and Social Council



The United Nations Economic and Social Council, as one of the original six bodies established by the UN charter in 1946, helps set the precedent for strategy, policy revision and recommendations appertaining to economic, social and environmental questions, as well as for the pursuit of multilaterally agreed development goals. Affirmed by the UN charter, ECOSOC’s main purpose is to “make or initiate studies and reports with respect to international economic, social, cultural, educational, health, and related matters”. The comprehensive mandate of the Council blankets a vast range of issues, often working to identify threats, while also harboring innovation.

Uniqueness is also attributed to ECOSOC for its wide variety of stakeholders; ranging from 54 member governments to over 4,000 consulting Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs). Representatives — elected by the General Assembly (GA) — are elected to serve three year terms. Also in their favor, the Council’s budget is the largest of any UN auxiliary body — amounting up to 70% of the entire UN budget. 


Position papers are mandatory for ECOSOC and are due on March 14, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Any inquiries about this committee may be directed to the dais at [email protected].


Morgan Schiebel


Morgan Schiebel is currently a junior at Woodinville High School and is incredibly honored to serve as the director of the ECOSOC committee of BELLEVUEMUN 2018. It wasn’t all that long ago when she had her first MUN experience as a sophomore, however, she can proudly say that it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of her life. When she is not hammering out position papers or serving as a part of her school’s ASB team and National Honors Society team — as Junior Class Representative and Junior Class Community Service Representative respectively — she can be found jamming to Disney singalongs and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat whilst procrastinating to avoid the mounds of homework she accumulates daily. As the prospect of college draws perpetually closer, Morgan has found herself debating between pursuing international business, politics or following a military career; either way, she plans to eventually start her own non-profit in the future. As this is her first time staffing, Morgan looks forward to sharing her passion for MUN with everyone and hopes to contribute to MUN’s enlightening ambience. She sincerely hopes you enjoy yourself at BELMUN 2018!

elaine z

Elaine Zheng


Elaine Zheng is currently a junior at International School (though her home school is Interlake). This is her third year of MUN and her first time staffing. In her freshman year, she was shy and too scared to voice her opinions. The staff at her second conference brought her out of that shell. Elaine hopes to have the same effect on any young delegates this year.


Muhan Zhang

Assistant Director

Muhan is a sophomore at Interlake High School and is (sadly) currently enrolled in the IB program. She is extremely excited to be staffing for BELLEVUEMUN 2018, as this will be her first staffing opportunity in MUN. In her free time, Muhan enjoys watching YouTube, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and crying over homework she did not do. She has participated in PACMUN 2017 as a delegate. Muhan is extremely honored to be the Assistant Director of ECOSOC, as that was the first committee she has ever been in, and hopes that she can bring a day's worth of fun, laughter, and new learning experiences for all delegates attending BELLEVUEMUN 2018.


Jason Luo

Assistant Director

Jason is ecstatic to be staffing BellevueMUN 2018. Jason joined MUN freshman year, and has fallen in love with it. In his free time, Jason enjoys cycling, shopping, as well as getting shin splints from his cross country season. A student of Interlake High School, Jason has adjusted to the constant demands of IB and wants to further his MUN experience. As a delegate Jason has attended 4 conferences, two international, and two back home in Seattle! He also staffed BELMUN the prior year and is excited to do so this year.