About Us


Our goal is to aid the development of students’ global understanding and awareness through UN simulations, where they are challenged to research, analyze, debate, and collaborate on solving current international issues. We also recognize the importance of and highly encourage students to use this knowledge to foster their own opinion and voice in the world.


Surbhi Gulati


Surbhi is thrilled to welcome delegates to the second iteration of BELLEVUEMUN. She has been active in MUN since her freshman year and deeply admires the opportunities it provides to diplomatically debate pressing world issues. Other than avidly participating in Model United Nations, she enjoys keeping updated with current international events, designing robot parts, leading and planning events for her Teen Volunteer Council group, and preparing for HOSA conventions. BELLEVUEMUN 2018 will be her sixth time on the planning board for a conference, and she believes it will be like no other. Surbhi is excited to see what delegates can accomplish in debate!

Aimee Wu


Aimee is excited to be serving as the director-general of BELLEVUEMUN this year. She joined Model United Nations in her freshman year at Interlake High School and has attended a total of 14 conferences since then. She values the emphasis MUN places on diplomatic debate and collaboration as well as the importance of learning about current international affairs. When she isn’t busy researching for a conference, Aimee can be found practicing violin, purchasing stationary, stressing over her IB diploma, listening to music, or learning medical terms for HOSA. She is eager to witness engaging debate and welcomes everyone to BELLEVUEMUN 2018!

Michele Tang

Chief of Staff

Michele is honored to be serving as the Chief of Staff of BELLEVUEMUN this year. She joined Interlake MUN in her freshman year after her friend pulled her into the MUN room. She enjoys MUN because of the focus on discussion about real world problems, rather than coming to specific conclusions and making one-size fits all solutions. Since her joining, she has gained experience by attending multiple conferences, staffing, and organizing conferences. Outside of MUN, Michele is a part her school's debate club. She enjoys listening to KPOP, dancing, watching TV, and baking in her free time.

Anne-Claire Mousseau

Under Secretary General of Committees I

Anne-Claire Mousseau is a sophomore at Interlake High School and is proud to be a member of the BELLEVUEMUN 2018 Secretariat. This is Anne-Claire’s second year of Model UN. Her favorite aspect of MUN is the collaboration of ideas to create solutions to the world’s problems. In the rare moments she is not doing MUN or student government, she enjoys reading, petting her cat Sasha, and playing soccer. She is glad to have the chance to build a constructive and inspirational atmosphere in BELLEVUEMUN 2018.

Benjamin Blatt

Under Secretary General of Committees II

Benji Blatt is very happy to help with the creation of BELLEVUEMUN 2018. He is a freshman at Newport High School, and has been in Model UN for three years. He has attended 14 conferences, staffed many others, and looks forward to starting his experience as a member of a Secretariat here at BELLEVUEMUN. Ever since he started MUN in seventh grade he has grown a passion for world issues, discovering the opinions of different nations across the world, and pioneering leadership through debate. Besides Newport Model UN, he also participates in cross country and soccer. He looks forward to helping create an exciting debate and generating a great conference.

Sydney Holmes

Under Secretary General of Delegate Affairs

Sydney is honored that she was chosen to serve on BELLEVUEMUN’s secretariat. She became interested in MUN freshman year because it brought her into debate about relevant world issues. It allowed unique learning opportunities for current events and a chance to speak her voice on some of the issues in a friendly and diplomatic manner. She is one of the original founders of Newport High School MUN and has greatly enjoyed teaching other people the skills of debate and diplomatic relationships. Outside of MUN, Sydney is on the Newport volleyball team and loves to play indoors and outdoors. She also enjoys reading, walking and running her dog, as well as travelling or hiking. She is excited for this conference to start!

Olivia Boysen

Assistant Secretary-General

Olivia is thrilled to be Assistant Secretary General of BELLEVUEMUN 2018! This will be her first experience on Secretariat and she is currently staffing BELMUN 2018. Olivia decided to join MUN due to her interest in international relations and human rights. At her first conference, Olivia immediately fell in love with MUN and wishes to provide the great experiences she has had to others. Outside of MUN, Olivia participates in Amnesty International, plays volleyball, and loves to read. Olivia can't wait to welcome everyone to BELLEVUEMUN!

Evan Kim

Under Secretary General of Delegate Affairs

Evan is very excited to be a USGDA at BELLEVUEMUN 2018! This will be his first experience on Secretariat for a MUN conference. Evan fell in love with MUN after his first conference at PACMUN 2017. He was captivated by the open environment for discussion about global topics and the opportunity to reach resolutions with new people. When not in MUN, Evan participates in Public Forum Debate and plays Tennis. Evan looks forward to a great BELLEVUEMUN experience for everyone.

Cindy Zou

Under Secretary General of Technology

Cindy is excited to serve as BELLEVUEMUN’s USG Tech! She was pulled into MUN freshman year and stayed for the unique style of debate and competitive yet welcoming environment. In MUN, she enjoys practicing public speaking, collaboration, and professionalism alongside people that share the same enthusiasm for discussing world issues; outside of MUN, she is involved in Newport Robotics Group and the Newport Jazz Band. In her free time, she is most likely reading, sketching, or playing guitar. She is honored to be working with a talented and dedicated team and knows that BELLEVUEMUN 2018 will be an amazing conference.