Dear delegates,

It is my greatest honor to welcome you to the second annual Bellevue Model United Nations! Our conference has very humble origins, as we began as a four committee in-school convention last year. I initiated the conference with your Director-General, Aimee Wu, in hopes of providing all classmates with the same debate opportunities we got when we entered high school. This year, we are proud to expand to a full conference and present to you seven committees ranging from beginner to advanced levels and middle school to high school, which you can check out here!

The Secretariat and staff teams have worked long hours to ensure that each and every middle and high schooler that attends will have a fantastic experience. I encourage each delegate to speak with confidence and to try something new at BELLEVUEMUN 2018. Our goal is to provide each delegate with an opportunity which increases their awareness of the world around them while also engaging in intriguing debate, and I hope that each delegate will reach out of their comfort zones and set a new goal, whether it is your first conference or your tenth.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the conference, please reach out to me at [email protected] at any point!

Yours truly,

Surbhi Gulati

Secretary General

Bellevue Model United Nations 2018

[email protected]